Mikhail Dronov
Born on June. 13.1956. Moscow

1974-1980 studied at the V.Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, Faculty of Sculpture (workshop of Professor M.F. Baburin)

Membership of professional organizations
since 2002 Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Arts
since 1990 member of the Union of Artists of Russia
since 1984 member of the Union of Artists of the USSR

2001. Awarded a memorial Medal of The Russian Academy of Arts
for participation at the reconstruction of the cathedral Christ the Saviour. Moscow
1997. Awarded a Medal dedicated to the 850th Anniversary of Moscow
1995. Silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow
1988. Diploma "The Best Work of the Year of the MOSKh". Moscow. Russia
1988. The First Prize and Diploma of Kvadriennale of Sculpture. Riga. Latvia
1985. Silver medal of the VDNKh USSR. Moscow

Participation in exhibitions
2005. Project VII, Group Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2004. Group Exhibition, Noordeinde Gallery, Haague, Netherlands
2004. Personal Exhibition at the exhibition hall of
“Nashe Naslediye” (Our Heritage) magazine, Moscow
2001. "Emperior's Russian Academy of Arts",
Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow
2000. Continuous Exposition "The XX Century Art",
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1999 Exhibition Dedicated to 200th A.S. Pushkin Birthday Anniversary,
The Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow
1998. Group Exhibition, The Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow
1980-1998. Over 100 exhibitions in the USSR and Russia
1998. Kunst centrum Meerzigt Holland
1998. International Festival "Sculpture 98" Haag, Holland
1997. The World of perceptible things in Pictures
The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Moscow, Russia
1995. Series of current exhibitions from the results of the International Symposium of Sculpture Viborg, Denmark
1995. The permanent exhibition of Russia in the UN New York, USA
1995. Montserrat Gallery New York, USA
1994. Diem Gallery Amsterdam, Holland
1992. Business-Design Centre Miami, USA
1991. Bourn Gallery Raygate, Great Britain
1991. Rejean Gallery Concord, USA
1991. Art Chicago 91 International Gallery Exhibition Expo Center, Chicago, USA
1991. Shurini Gallery London, Great Britain
1991. Jonathan Poole Gallery Woodstock, Great Britain
1991. Fine Arts World Florida, USA
1990. Art-Expo New York, USA
1990. Giovanni al Nattisone Gallery Milan, Italy
1989. Riverside Artists Group London, Great Britain
1988. New Exhibits in the Tretyakov Gallery Moscow, Russia
1988. Arts Sovietika Helsinki, Finland
1986. Exhibition of Moscow Artists Prague, Czechoslovakia
1985. Sculpture and Flowers Berlin, Germany

Works by M. Dronov in museum collections
The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia
The State Russia Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia
Museum of Arts. Perm, Russia
Museum of Arts. Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
Art Museum. Riga, Latvia
Art Museum. Daugavpils, Latvia
Art Museum. Yaroslavl, Russia
Museum "Wurt". Kunceslau, Germany
Ekaterinburg Art Hall. Russia
Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum. Ukraine
Siberia the Far East Department of Russia Academy of Art. Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Kutaissy Picture Gallery. Georgia
Nijnetaginsk Government Museum of Art. Russia
Kutaissy Museum of Art. Georgia
Kosmodenyansk Art Museum. Russia
A.V.Suvorov Museum in Ismail. Ukraine

Monumental work
1995. Sad King. Sculpture park. Yaroslavl
1996. Gorodki. Sculpture park in Krimsky Val. Moscow
1998. Reverend Varlaam Khutinski and Blagoverni Gavriil Pskovsky, south front of the cathedral Christ the Saviour. Moscow
1999. Alexander and Natalia, fountain-rotunda. Nikitsky boulevard. Moscow.
2000. Robin Hood. New London, Connecticut, USA.

Private collections
Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Russia, USA, Finland, France, Switzerland

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